This is my latest series. I wanted to try something light, fun and a touch whimsical. I’ve always loved butterflies. For my daughter’s 4th birthday we had a butterfly theme party at the Texas Discovery Gardens. Watching her experience and interacting with the butterflies was magical. 

The thin painted lines that I used to create the shape of these butterflies are meant to be sketchy, erratic, or unstable. I wanted them to look like they are just paused for a second and at any moment they could flutter away. 

Look for the iridescent paints in this series, it represents the shiny metallic quality of their wings. I also used thin layers of paint to show the transparent and fragile quality of their wings. 

In my research, I was amazed at how perfect and complex the designs are in their wings.

Mauve Moth
Colorful Butterfly
Good Morning
Summer Butterfly
Visit From Above
Sherbet Explosion
Happy Butterfly