Repurposed Art / Sketchbook / Mixed Media Journals

These journals are perfect for aspiring creatives and seasoned artists alike. Guaranteed to spark your imagination, capture the muse, and be a unique creative experience.

I’ve been collecting and gathering vintage, new, found, and recycled items that have a story attached to them. Some of the keepsakes in my journals range from 50-100 years old. Some of the pages may include ​old books, library cards, old love letters, vintage papers and maps, canvas, watercolor paper, repurposed paper from old feed sacks, old photos, and many more curiosities.

Each journal is unique. Many of the pages have print or marks from their previous life to help you jump-start your creativity. Some pages may have been gessoed to reduce some text. Some pages may be upside down. Each page is a surprise to help you get out of your head of what’s expected and work with what’s right in front of you.

The intimidation of a new sketchbook can be paralyzing. My journals welcome you to create. When you pick it up it instantly feels comfortable. They already have a story in them just waiting for you to help it become realized. There is so much room to create and each page will spark your imagination.

They are meant to be used. Please don’t sit this on the bookshelf or coffee table and forget about it. They will only become more beautiful with your marks. Need help starting? My page Journal Prompts may help.

These perfectly imperfect journals will unlock your creativity and take you on your own unique journey. I invite you to find a special place where you can begin or continue your own story.

Unlock your creativity with this handmade mixed media journal.

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Bags of Inspiration

Each bag of inspiration is thoughtfully gathered and put together by me. Items in this set include new, used, and found items. Some items are quite old so there might be small tears, marks and stains, and fragile paper.

I love aged paper and the characteristics that come with each one. Use these pieces as inspiration or a starting point for your art. Cut, tear, paste, sew, staple, paint, draw, the list is endless of possibilities.

Each package is completely different. Items may include book pages, playing cards, items from previous projects, sheet music, maps, tracing paper, canvas, watercolor paper, feathers, tags, envelopes, vintage lace, ribbon, trinkets, and other random curiosities

The packet is approximately 7.5″ tall and 5″ wide and jam-packed with fun stuff.