I love the style and movement of jumping horses. The “spills and thrills” excitement of this sport created the perfect muse. In this series, I tried to capture the teamwork and communication between horse and rider. I wanted to show not only the jumps but the rounding into the corners, looking for the next jump and the landing.

The background in this series is more active than in my other collections. I wanted to create an atmosphere of energy and movement. Look for the thin lines painted in crazy and energetic ways in this series. I wanted to capture the intensity and sense of urgency of this sport.

Notice that I never give the riders facial details and I often place the rider where the head is off the canvas. I want the viewer to be able to imagine that this could be anyone, even them.

This is also the first series where I tried to show some of the horses from behind. Most of my work shows the horse from the side or at a slight angle.

Round 24×30
Jump Off 36×36
Hunter 36×36
Clear Round 24×30
Jumper 30×30
Equitation Class 30×30
Jumping Order 48×30