Private Lessons

  • Want to start painting? No experience necessary. We can get you started. Don’t worry about the supplies. We have everything you need and more. We may have an art hoarding problem, but we are fine with it.
  • Have a painting you are working on but want help? We have a group of artists ready to assist. Tell us your vision and we can help you realize it.
  • Want to learn a new technique? Perfect, we would love to assist you. Combined we have over 25 years of professional art experience, and you might say we are nerds when it comes to learning new art techniques. We love challenges, if we don’t know how to do something we will find out.
  • Want to have fun painting without the stress of figuring it all out? We got this. Don’t worry about anything. Give us your idea and we will run with it. We might even give you a couple of options to choose from because let’s face it, we are overachievers.
  • Want to hold a group lesson? Adult Birthday Party? Kid’s Birthday Party? Girl’s night out? Team Building activity? We can build an activity that your group will enjoy. Everyone will leave with their own artwork that they are proud of and an experience they won’t soon forget.

Call/Text/Email us your ideas and we can tailor a lesson specific for your needs.