Every year my family tries to go to the ocean for a vacation. We love the beach. I love to walk along the beach finding beautiful shells. My kids love to jump in the water and my husband enjoys driving his truck along the shoreline. Everyone has a place that recharges their soul and the ocean is mine. It’s a balance between strength and softness, wild and calm. I could sit and watch the waves all day long. It’s very meditative to watch the waves come and go. Every time I come back from the ocean I’m full of ideas, inspiration and energy to tackle the next project.

In this series, I tried to capture the soft details that happen on the surface of the water. The gold and iridescent paint in this series has a wonderful way of catching the light when viewed from a certain angle, almost as if the water is shining. 

Look for the soft white bubbles that occur on the surface of the water. This painting technique was a happy accident. I was using two different fluid acrylic paints and it created this beautiful surface tension where the top paint stretched out. Sometimes an accident is exactly what is needed.

Each painting in this series represents different days on the water. Some days the water is calm and restful, other days are more windy and the waters are rough and unpredictable.

The Sea Is Calling 30×30 inches

Looking For Shells 30×30 inches

Deep Blue Waters 30×30 inches

Gold On The Water 30×30 inches

Watching The Waves 36×36 inches

Colorful Waters 30×30 inches SOLD

Beach Vacation 30×30 inches

Let’s Move To The Beach 36×36 inches

Always Rolling Water 30×30 inches

Peaceful Ocean 24×30 inches SOLD

Winter Waters
20×20 inches

Little Peconic Bay
20×20 inches

Ocean Waves
20×20 inches

20×20 inches

30×24 inches