Every year my family tries to get to the ocean. We love the beach. I love to walk along the beach finding beautiful shells. Everyone has a place that recharges their soul. The Ocean is mine. It’s a balance between strength and softness.

The Sea Is Calling 30×30 inches

Looking For Shells 30×30 inches

Deep Blue Waters 30×30 inches

Gold On The Water 30×30 inches

Watching The Waves 36×36 inches

Colorful Waters 30×30 inches SOLD

Beach Vacation 30×30 inches

Let’s Move To The Beach 36×36 inches

Always Rolling Water 30×30 inches

Peaceful Ocean 24×30 inches SOLD

Winter Waters
20×20 inches

Little Peconic Bay
20×20 inches

Ocean Waves
20×20 inches

20×20 inches

30×24 inches