Race Horses

This was finished in 2016. This fast-paced sport is the subject of my latest series. I love the energy and excitement of this sport. This contest of speed attracts and holds the interest and attention of all viewers. I hope to capture the spirit and power of race horsing and racehorses.

Look for the runny paint drips that echo the sweat from racehorses. The fine playful doodle lines in the background are there to create a feeling of energy and movement in the background. The splatter of paint at the bottom of the paintings are there to mimic the dirt that flies up during a race.

I played with many different colors for this series. I wanted them to be as playful as the dresses and hats commonly worn to the races.

Triple Crown 36×36 inches
Stretch Runner 30×30 inches
On The Bit 30×30 inches
Nose 36×36 inches
Make A Run 36×36 inches
Dead Heat 36×36 inches
Company 30×30 inches
Classic 30×30 inches
Blanket Finish 30×30 inches
In The Money 30×30 inches
Stakes Horse 48×30 inches
Stayer 30×48 inches
On The Nose 30×48
Money Rider 30×48 inches