Polo Horses

I finished the polo series 2017. When I started this series I wanted to play with the idea of leaving the rider unpainted and making the horse the focus. Designing a series of paintings that would help start a conversation of whether the horse or rider was the focus.

The rider was deliberately left in a sketched style.  My first thought is that it would drive the viewer to pay attention to the horse more, but it had the opposite effect. I think the viewer looks more to the rider. Looking for more information that isn’t there.

This is the first time I have tried to place a horizon line throughout the entire series. This faint blue horizon line is carried across all the polo paintings.  This series is meant to be viewed as one entire game being played.

There is also splattered paint at the bottom to give the impression of the dirt that gets kicked up during a game.

Hook 30×30 inches acrylic on canvas
Knock-in 36×36 inches acrylic on canvas
Ride-Off 36×36 inches acrylic on canvas
Made Pony 48×30 inches acrylic on canvas
Chukka 48×30 inches acrylic on canvas