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    New window display

    Thought I should display one of the roosters I just finished. What do you think of the chicken’s sculptures below? Chris gave me the yellow ceramic one. I love it even though he said it’s cursed. I found the white cast iron one at my mom and dad’s house. It was buried under leaves and dirt. I love the age on it.

    See more of the Roosters collection here

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    The Studio

    Welcome to my Studio Blog. I’m hoping to share stories and photos of my studio. Right now I’m in a temporary studio that my friend is subleasing to me. In Oct 2019 my studio was hit by a tornado. It blew out the windows and removed the roof. Then the rain came along and soaked everything. That was pretty much the end of that studio.

    10050 Monroe Dr. the temporary space.

    My wonderful friend The Flip Artist had the perfect space for me during this crisis. You can find his work here www.theflipartist.com He has an office space next to his office space where he uses the warehouse but the front was entirely empty. I was able to move right in. The space was two blocks from my old studio. Made moving everything easier. It’s not as big, but it has been a blessing. Look at the cute little window that I get to decorate. I plan to change the art every month or so.

    I painted the door peach. It was gross before.
    Sweet little sign Chris made for me.

    I’ll show you more of the inside in upcoming posts.